Water Storage Tanks & System Services In South Africa

Hydrotek International are specialists in water storage tanks services in South Africa. Hydrotek do also specialise in other products & services such as steel panel tanks, mesh reservoirs, PVC liners & Poly ethylene products.


Products & Services

Created in 2004, Hydrotek International (pty) Ltd is a privately owned South African based company manufacturing, supplying, and installing water storage tanks solutions and systems for the local and African markets. As a company we are very mindful of the important roll that our products play in storing water, therefore quality and service is of the utmost importance.


With serious focus on empowering our previously disadvantaged staff Hydrotek International is looking forward to becoming the largest and most important supplier and manufacturer of water storage tank solutions and systems for South Africa and Africa.


There are 3 main pillars which Hydrotek International stands on, namely Customer service, High manufacturing standards and the best possible Pricing. The success of the business depends on all 3 pillars being equally strong; therefore it is our aim to provide all our customers with the very best product, technology and service, at the best price possible.


Hydrotek International has a range of products that we offer our dients:

Mesh Reservoirs: With a capacity range of between 3 OOOl and 169 OOOl the mesh reservoir is the most cost effective solution for storing water on the market today. Very easy to install and very easy to maintain.

Zincalume Panel Tanks: Our range of Zincalume panel tanks are designed and manufactured to SASS and international standards. With a holding capacity range of between 52 OOOl and 1 300 OOOl these tanks are used in a variety of industries such as Agricultural, Industrial, Fire Fighting, Mining, Municipalities and Water Purification.

Earth Dam, Pond, and Replacement Linings: With a skilled team of experienced installers and a wide range of high quality lining materials Hydrotek International is well placed to manufacture and line any sized earth dam, pond, concrete dam anywhere in Africa, as well as manufacture any size replacement liners for existing steel tanks.

Self Supporting Tanks and Roll Up Tanks: Emergency water storage tankss are available in two main types, the Self Supporting Tanks (more commonly known as S Tanks) and the Roll-Up Tanks system. Both types are ideally suited for use in emergency situations where ease of use and speed of set-up is of the utmost importance. Emergency Tanks come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, please read through the charts for each type to find the tank that would most suit your application.

These tanks can have a wide range of fittings attached during the manufacturing process to meet any need.

Aquaculture Systems: This system has been entirely developed and manufactured by Hydrotek International and is an intensive fish farming system which produces 100 tons of whole wet fish per system per annum.


Hydrotek International is very serious about empowering our previously disadvantaged staff members. Please find attached our BBBEE Certificate.

Contact Hydrotek International today if you would like to find out more information about water storage tanks & system services. Call us on 011 974 5715 or Email us on darren@hydrotek.co.za

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